Thursday, March 1, 2007

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

Hey, i got a brand new GPS!, this beauty is eqquiped with a Sirf Star III , a high receiving sensitivity and fast position fix GPS chipset.
It's a little bit big but has a really nice 160 x 240, 256 color display perfect for any kind of activity.
Other feature that i love is the microSD slot, expanding the capacity when storing Maps, with 512mb, i had loaded all the provinces of argentina, topographic & marine leaving plenty of space for many more maps.
This GPS is ready for any kind of abuse..
Linux support works like a charm if you are using last stable 2.6 kernel.

Here are some links:

Garmin Specs
proyectomapear Really complete map
Topographic map
garmin_gps kernel module


Juan Pablo said...

Hey! Sirf III rules!
If its locked, it works from inside a microwave... Yes, I allways carry the microwave in the car...
Congrats for your blog.

lpigner said...

hey! GPS hax0r... keep blogging!!
300 bauds rulez :)

[_DefToneR_] said...

Yep. Garmin rules.. Why need to write in english? :P

I got an Garmin Too, Model... (yeap i don´t remember the model of my gps.. I got to search for it at google..) eTrex Vista Cx. :)

But I Will never put it on a glass of beer :S

Francisco said...

yeaH! remember, you have to get the serial cable, there are a lot of AP to log.
Keep adding things in your [TODO] list. Some day the [TODO] list will control your life :P
ISR rulz

Dario said...

aloo? en contra de la corriente, de rebel no mas... muy bueno el gadget,

el inspector gadget